„Mars Edge“

Our newest segment, Mars Edge, is built to help improve human health, by bringing together the food we want with the nutrition we need.

At the heart of our work, is the knowledge that what we eat can have a hugely positive impact on our health. So we strive to provide targeted nutrition solutions today that create better lives tomorrow.

For us, the key is to fit seamlessly into daily lives. So we ensure our products and services are easy and enjoyable. That they are not only based on the latest science and embedded in state-of-the-art technologies, but also powered by real data that delivers real results.

We are building world-class and innovative partnerships with academia, start-up companies, and philanthropic organizations to bring our ideas to life.

Today, we’re taking the first steps to help close the nutritional gaps. We are partnering with one of the world’s leading philanthropic organizations, the Tata Trusts, to create GOMO™ - a nutritious product in India. Through the dietary supplement COCOAVIA™, we’re using our research on cocoa flavanols to create evidence-based products that support healthy blood flow to help people support their heart and brain health. And we’re also building a Personalized Nutrition business – aimed at bringing tailored nutrition to individuals world-wide.

We know we won’t solve all nutrition challenges we face through our work. But we do believe that through our innovations and partnerships we can contribute to better lives through nutrition.


Kakavos ekstrakto dietinis papildas. Naudojamos 20 metų su kakavos flavanoliais vykdytų mokslinių tyrimų išvados, kad būtų sukurti įrodymais grindžiami produktai, palaikantys sveiką kraujotaką ir užtikrinantys širdies bei smegenų sveikatą.

„GOMO™ Dal Crunchies“

Šis užkandis sukurtas siekiant padėti užpildyti Indijos mokyklinio amžiaus vaikų mitybos spragas. Pagrįstas įrodymais, nebrangus ir skanus – jis sukurtas nestandartiškai bendradarbiaujant su „Tata Trusts“.

Individualizuota mityba

Kuriame verslą, siekiantį patenkinti augantį vartotojų susidomėjimą individualizuotais maisto produktais ir paslaugomis.